Aug 31, 2003

We are using weekly payrolls. A year can have 53 weeks. Oracle numbers them incorrectly: the week that contains the first of January is week nr 1. The Netherlands and other European countries follow the ISO standard.

An 'enhancement request' is on the way.
My first Oracle Hr project was in the Netherlands on 10.7. For the moment I'm back in the Netherlands, implementing the first Oracle Payroll for the Netherlands. The localization for the Netherlands is delivered in multiple stages, and by the end of the year, all phases and patches should be there. Cross fingers.

Anyway, since Friday we have a fresh installed 11.5.9 on Linux with Hrms F on top of it. Installation went very smooth, the only hick ups were related to the multiple tier install and that the payroll product was not selected by default as a product to install.

Only at the end, when installing the HRGLOBAL driver, we found out that the product Payroll (801) was not installed. So the HRGLOBAL did nothing at all. A simple query on the Fnd_product_installations made this clear. So starting up the license manager, select Payroll, et voila.