Aug 7, 2005

Htmldb gives pls-00103

A customer wanted to have a decentralized application, based on the positions of Oracle Hrms.

Since self-service is non-existing for positions, we had to explore other options. At the end we opted for HtmlDb.

Installation went smooth, and the workspace was created in a snap. But when creating a first test application, we had several errors, but without error messages.

At the end we were able to see the error message, together witha piece of code. pls-00103 was popping up, together with a select in a select, dynamically generated by htmldb.

We brought the problem down to:
n number;
select nvl( 1, (select 2 from dual))
into n
from dual;

This snippet executed fine on my laptop database ( ,but not on the apps database (

We were sure we had discovered a new bug in the database software, but a lucky metalink hit brought us further.

Event 10933 mimics old plsql-sql behavior, and this event was set in our upgraded oracle apps instance.

We unset the event, and voila.

Summary: oracle apps ; htmldb ; pls-00103 ; event 103999