Mar 30, 2007

retropay, i hate it, i love it

I scanned my blog for retropay. I found back a post of september 2003. At that time we worked out in the Netherlands a solution around reversals. Standard retropay was not an option at that time, since the specifications of the customer were too specific, volumes were huge, and the NL localisation and core solution were not yet 100% finished.

Q: Would i do it again, more then 3 years later?
A: Yes.

Main reason is performance. Retropay is designed to recalculate exceptions. When massive retropay is needed, you can start it very early in the payroll cycle. And run it an other time to process the last minute exceptional cases.

Mar 29, 2007

key flex fields

It is not the first time they ask me to "decode" a flex structure. Till now, i havent found a generic way of doing that, but the supported package fnd_flex_ext does the trick nicely for key flexfields. The function get_segs returns the concatenated display value off all segments.

Please drop me a line when you can point me to a similar function for descriptive flexfields.

a passionate user has gone

There will always be a few psychos around. But one can be enough to ruin your life.

Mar 23, 2007

We do not use custom.pll

Why do people still enhance the Apps forms via custom.pll coding?

Are forms personalizations not enough? Maybe, but apply the 80/20 principle, and don't code custom anymore.

Are we not shifting towards self service? So every business logic you add in custom.pll, you can do again in for those lovely web pages.

But my first try anyway is always user hooks.