Oct 15, 2004

Change the employee name format in Self Service

By default, the employee's name is shown as last name, first name. You can overrule that to the full name format by setting the profile option 'HR:Display Person Name' .

Oct 13, 2004

Saving the output of a concurrent request on your desktop.

Often Apps is configured that way that the output of a concurrent request is opened within your browser. You can save that file from the browser, but it is possible the browser changes the content of your file.

Some steps to change that behaviour.
  1. Navigate via System Administrator, Install to the Viewer Options screen.
  2. Add an additional entry for TEXT, and associate a non existing mime type to it.
  3. Change the profile option for 'Viewer Application for Text' for your user or responibility to the newly created option. From now on, all the concurrent programs with TEXT as output format for you or all users of the responsibility, will see the impact of your changes.
  4. Open the output of a request of a TEXT concurrent program.
  5. Since no mime type is associated with this extention, Windows asks you to save the file, or to open it with a specific desktop application.