Sep 22, 2008

Lasagna with french fries, welcome in the Netherlands

Oracle NL invited me to conduct a 2 days Fast Formula training, so far so good.

Found a nice family run hotel nearby, so far so good.

Went to a restaurant nearby, by far no good. Ordered tuna, got Lasagna. With French Fries. Skipped the menu dessert, had to pay the whole bill.

It's really not the first time I'm in the Netherlands, but this was an Olympic top, by far.

Sep 6, 2008

Documentool - JavaScript - Chrome

The html output of Documentool renders a tree via Java Script. A little slow sometimes for huge trees, really slow on Internet Explorer 6.

So i was curious to see how Chrome would do, and was simply blown away. The new JS implementation does make a difference. And this is only a start, knowing that Firefox and Safari also have new stuff on their way. Microsoft has to follow. Browser War 2.0.

But why i see on the workfloor only IE6?

Sep 3, 2008

One click slip, part II

The payslip solution we developed over here is a concurrent program based on BI Publisher. So adding an optional PROFORMA watermark in the rtf template was not that hard with the latest Word in place. Also, we show the Pay Advice Message from the Quickpay form on the One Click Slip.