Feb 22, 2008

A license for one LOV?

The very excited people contact form has two fields to store the begin and end reason of a contact relationship.

These lists of values are standard empty, but when you create some Personal life events, they show up nicely in the relationship reason fields.

Too bad that both List of Values show identical reasons. A divorce is not the most straightforward reason to start a relationship. Or maybe it is, but then in the other way.

Even worse is that you need a license for OAB (Oracle Advanced Benefits) to create these personal life events. So far the integrated solution.

Forms personalizations can eventually overcome both issues.

Feb 5, 2008

Distributed costing, again

First of all, the input value over which you want to distribute must be Pay Value. Any other name will not do, even if the uom is Money.

And it seems that distribution over distribution seems to work (by accident, or by purpose?). When setting up the element link for distributed costing, it will tell you the element is not eligible for distributed costing since it is part of a distributed element set.

Remove it from ther element set, configure the element link, and add it back to the element set.

Feb 3, 2008

Desupport of 11.5.9

As you can read on Schan's excellent blog , 11.5.9 Premier Support ends by June 2008. This is almost tomorrow. There is no Extended Support offered, but Sustaining Support is there to stay.

By the way, Sustaining Support is not giving you any new updates.

So if you are on 11.5.9 with a localized payroll, you simply need these patches and fixes, due to statutory legislative changes. So Sustaining Support is not an option. So you have to upgrade to 11.5.10. By tomorrow.