Mar 31, 2008

Metalink down, planned

I had to read that twice, and checked if it was not planned on the first of April. But no, Metalink will go dark for a few hours. Oracle the high availability database. And anyone knows when Google plans the upgrade their search site?

Mar 16, 2008

Fusion = Apps 13

This article by Tim Dexter of BI Publisher name and fame just tells in between the lines that all eBusiness Suite reports will be ported to Fusion. What is in fact the same as saying that Fusion is Apps 13, an evolution from R12, not a new game.

So the good old per_all_assignments_f will still exists. Maybe with a good looking UI on top of it, which passed for the first time an usability lab. Skip the last part, I'm asking too much.

SOA only matters at the back end side, not at the front end, despite the Web 2.0 vague.

Mar 7, 2008

My Virtual Apps

Since a few days I run APPS via a VMWARE virtual machine on my little laptop. Vision 11.5.10. And all data on an external disk.

With 1G of memory it is slow, but not too slow. Anyway, I ordered already an extra Giga RAM.

Summary till now: i love it, but it needs to be seen how handy this setup will be when i have to restore the virtual machine, a heafty 40G of unzipping.

Next step is to run Documentool on it. And publish the output. But we discovered some data corruptions in the Vision database, which needs to be worked around in Documentool.

I expected these corruptions. You see them on any project, and the Vision database is a very old, ongoing project.

Mar 3, 2008

Oracle Fusion Capable

Documentool is Oracle Fusion Capable.

Do you need an additional save harbor statement?