Jul 6, 2009

NL Daily tax tables

Two NL Payroll customers ask in the same week if one can activate the NL daily taxation tables. Coincidence.

While i answered the first time NO, except when an employee is hired or fired in the middle of the month, the second time i dived a little deeper in the seeded fast formulas and plsql functions, to discover a hidden fast formula to configure.

Define the fast formula NL_OVERRIDE_SOCIAL_INSURANCE_DAYS with the business logic required, and you have full control over the proration (daily tax) happening.

Apr 8, 2009

Apps - Apex on R12

We just got the Apps-Apex integration working on R12.

Yes you need a separate Apache server, but the rest is almost the same. Nothing has to be changed within the Apex application, you still set the VPD call to initialize the apps session.

Only the menu function to launch Apex from is changed from a plsql based one, into a jsp menu function. So yes, an extra jsp page needs to be compiled on the Apps j2ee server.

Feb 14, 2009

Exit 2.0 & SOA

The cloud is now the buzzword. SOA and Web 2.0 are losing popularity.

I tried also to translate Web 2.0 concepts into HR processes, but no luck. It looked good on the powerpoint, but not on the workfloor.

Oracle Fusion development started within the SOA and 2.0 hype period. Curious how marketing will convert that into the buzzword popular at the time Fusion will pop up.

Good things is that marketing has still a few months to come up with a twist.

Jan 27, 2009

One more customer on R12

One of our HR customers in the Netherlands upgraded to R12 last weekend. It was mainly a technical DBA exercise. Operating system became linux, the database became a full 10 and the upgrade scripts pumped the eBusiness Suite up to the 12.0.6 level.

Jan 24, 2009

Release 12.1: Oracle Payroll for India

I never saw a functional business driver to migrate towards the 12 Release. R12.1 should overcome that. I hope. I hoped. For payroll, only some stuff for our India colleagues is present.

For some more details in the other HR modules, check the RCD doc.