Jun 25, 2008

ohug blog silence

OHUG is on the final day, and i was not attending this year. I expected to see a lot of blogs talking about it, but silence as far as I can see euh hear. This tells a lot about the 2.0-ness of the people attending and expecting in the feature set of their HCM solution.

And what about Fusion and ready to market. Did I used the word silence already?

By the way, holistic talent management was the talk of the town.

Jun 14, 2008

Launch an Apex page from your forms

This article describes the steps to launch an html page from an Apps form, using Forms Personalizations. In this example, the html is an Apex (Application Express) page.

The first step is to navigate into the form from which you want to launch an html page. Then you navigate further via the menu ::Help::Diagnostics::Custom::Forms Personalizations.

Create an additional menu entry, as shown:

and specify for example Special16 as the menu entry.

Then define the real action, linked to this menu entry:

and define the html call

The call here is dynamic, since it starts with the equal (=) sign.

= 'http://apps12.popay.be:7777/pls/apex/f?'
|| 'p=103:8:::NO::P8_PERSON_ID:'


The :PERSON reference is filled in from the forms variables and block, which you can examine.

If you want to try first with an easier, static html call example, then simply put there


An other example of an url (via mod plsql) is:

fnd_profile.value( 'APPS_WEB_AGENT')
|| '/popay_htp_hr_org?p_org_id='

Quit the original form, enter the form again, and you should see the new meny entry:

You are now one click away from the html page.

This article is not exploring how the create the Apex page, how to setup the Apex Apps security integration, and so forth, and will be nice topics for the future.