Feb 18, 2011

Upgrade stories : Web Adi again

We had a nasty web ADI issue on a few of the upgraded instances. It worked before, it works on some other R12 instances, but we are not able to make it working again.

It throws all the time "Mail Merge Aborted due to error in creating the Mail Merge Data Source". Nothing in the log files.

Escalated the P2, but no reactions from support side. After some background fighting, a senior support analyst jumped in, and the next day it worked.

The $BNE_TOP/sql/BNENLINS.sql script fixed some NLS data issues in the custom integrator, et voila.

Upgrade stories : Apex integration

The security model in 12.1.3 is a little bit more picky, so we had to add a few more configuration steps to made the secured HR views working again. Without these 2 steps, the secured views returned 0 rows.

First, we registered the APEX_PUBLIC_USER in eBS via the regular Forms, and then a little update was needed to make it working.

update fnd_oracle_userid a
set a.read_only_flag = 'U'
where a.oracle_username = 'APEX_PUBLIC_USER';

Feb 10, 2011

No electricity, but the application is up

Dakar is having more troubles then normal with electricity. Never thought that the SaaS model would be that useful when the light goes out. And the extra battery in the office dies, and the router goes down. But you still can access the application over your smartphone and finish your payroll run.

And hope you can charge your phone's battery some time in the evening ...