Aug 11, 2006

element sets within Payroll

Is it possible to prevent users from updating particular element entries? Well, today i learned that a profile option can be set to specify an element set which defines the 'do not touch me' element types.

An overview of the different types of element sets:

Customization set, for element entries

  • Limit the elements that can be seen on a configured version of the Element Entries window
  • List the elements to be entered for assignments using BEE
  • Prevent users updating entry values in the Element Entries form for a set of elements. (set the element set in the profile option HR:Non-Updateable Element Set)

Run set, for payroll processing

  • Use a run set to specify the elements to be processed in a payroll run.

Distribution set, for costing

  • Use a distribution set to define the elements over which the costs of other elements are to be distributed.

Jun 6, 2006

Bye bye family packs, welcome Rollups

Oracle released the first rollup patch for Hrms.

One of the new features is the FastFormula Assistant. She let's you

  • choose multiple FastFormulas to compile
  • show line numbers for formula text to locate easily errors
  • upload/download a formula for integration with your favorite text editor
  • generate FastFormula text templates

Feb 5, 2006

fusion = Ebusiness Suite 12

I read a blarticle about fusion that is not just repeating the messages oracle spreads, but is trying to read in between the lines. And funny.

Jan 3, 2006

Calculate absence duration

When you create the fast formula BG_ABSENCE_DURATION (probably a copy from TEMPLATE_ABSENCE_DURATION), this formula is used to calculate the duration of the absences entered in your business group (BG). What's in a name.

Good to known is that this formula can have as extra parameters
  • assignment_id (context)
  • element_type_id (context)
  • absence_attendance_type_id

The last one allows you to implement calculation rules per absence type.