Aug 11, 2006

element sets within Payroll

Is it possible to prevent users from updating particular element entries? Well, today i learned that a profile option can be set to specify an element set which defines the 'do not touch me' element types.

An overview of the different types of element sets:

Customization set, for element entries

  • Limit the elements that can be seen on a configured version of the Element Entries window
  • List the elements to be entered for assignments using BEE
  • Prevent users updating entry values in the Element Entries form for a set of elements. (set the element set in the profile option HR:Non-Updateable Element Set)

Run set, for payroll processing

  • Use a run set to specify the elements to be processed in a payroll run.

Distribution set, for costing

  • Use a distribution set to define the elements over which the costs of other elements are to be distributed.