Jan 31, 2008

my fast formula editor

I used several years the free ConText editor to edit fast formulas. Recently Paolo suggested me Notepad++, which is open source, and does a great job in syntax highlighting and brace matching.

I used it today for the whole day, and even when i have to get used to shortcuts and menu options, i would not be surprised to stick with it.

By the way, i used the sql language as syntax style.

Jan 28, 2008

Oracle acquires BEA

The first thought is that this is a pure middleware play.

Buy installed base and generate support revenue.

Or has it to do something with Fusion Apps. I do not think so. The architecture is defined right now, and BEA will only play a role later on in the life cycle of Fusion Apps. If any.

But the hidden gem could be Tuxedo. Oracle wants to position itself in the primary processes. Think banking processes for banks. And these transactions are handled by Tuxedo, already for years.

And there is the big money. Compared to SAP that hunts for the little cents with Business By Design.

Inovation. Nope. Smart. Yes.

Any link with HR. Nope.

Jan 19, 2008

HR 2.0

Every HR implementation tries to structure all kinds of employee related data within the venders shoebox. We just make it fit, but a lot of data and processes are not structured at all.

Why not load all employees within a social network, tag them with competences, positions, domains of interest, ... from the corporate HR system? And then let the employees connect to their peers, discuss issues, create communities within the enterprise, learn from collegues the other side of the world. Free flow versus structure.

From a technical point of view, it is easy. But which organisation will be ready to give this a try?

gross up rounding error

One of the outputs generated by the gross up formula is the remainder. We noticed that we missed a few eurocents in costing, due to these remainders.

First we set the "to within" input value to 1 eurocent, but gross up still was coming up with a few remainders of one cent.

And we could not decrease the value of "to within", since the unit of measure was money.

So we changed the unit of measure to Number, filled 0.009 as the "to within" tollerance, and grossup did a perfect job, leaving 0 as remainder. We still have to see if this perfect job has no performance consequences.

We opted not to create an additional element to store the remainder, and cost it.