Feb 20, 2007

Salary updates via Web ADI

The standard integrator 'HR Update Salary Proposals' is showing only seeded US salary components, the columns to change the amount or percentage by component are missing, and the headers are not meaningfull.

Showing other components then the seeded once was solved by changing the view hru_salary_proposal. This is a documented change. Searching online help or metalink by the name of the view of peupl01.v.sql will explain you. How to find these docs without knowing these details already is an other story. But Oracle is marketing now a search solution.

Adding additional columns was done by enabling hidden columns in the Web ADI layout of the 'HR Update Salary Proposals' integrator.

Note 389624.1 on CWB was helpfull in explaining how the change column names. Once the 'Web ADI - Interface Columns Integrator' was enabled and unsecured, we could download the interface and do the modifications.

But the end user was not happy with the order of the columns. With an update statement (on bne_layout_cols) we could work around that, but we have still not found a documented way to realize that. Feel free.