May 5, 2007

Oracle in the blogging community: they don't get it yet

In the eBusiness suite corner, i'm not aware of good blogs from Oracle, except the tech stack blog of shan.

With a good blog, i mean a blog where personal opinions are expressed in an open, transparent way, by key players. For that to happen, Oracle is way too closed and hierarchical. Marketing and legal are close followers of all expressions.

First thing to happen is an internal cultural shift to openess. Inviting the blog community to their events can help that transformation to happen. I'm sure that the top bloggers will not all follow the official marketing strategy and message, and will post critical questions. If Oracle internals will then reply, an open communication and exchange can start.

But this will take time, and i'm not sure if Oracle wants to open the windows when the Fusion story needs to be told. A single marketing message is then so important, and the fusion message will not be easy to communicate anyway.