Sep 5, 2007

BEE Spreadsheet Interface

We wanted to load BEE batch element lines via Excel. And we remembered somehow it was described as new standard functionality a few family packs ago.

So just search metalink and there we go. At least, that was the plan. Metalink came with a lot of results, pointing to web ADI, error messages and how to work around them, but a simple doc that describes how to activate the functionality was not found.

I guess Google set the search standards too high.

But ok, a new try the next day on some slightly different keywords, and all of a sudden "BEE Spreadsheet Interface" docs showed up within the top 40 list. So that was the magic search string.

And from that moment on we found some docs, and one hour later a first xls (sorry spreadsheet) was loaded.

Before you ask it: note 341427.1 did the trick.