Jul 17, 2010

Retropay by Employee

I'm posting the last time a lot about Apex. While in reality I'm mainly busy with Oracle Payroll.

If your legislation uses advanced or enhanced retropay, there is the RetroNotifications process to run, to identify which employees have retrospective changes.

And in a next step, you run the RetroPay process. The enhanced version does not have any assignment set parameter anymore. In other words, the people selected by RetroNotifications will be processed by Retropay.

We have now a customer that wants to see the effect of changes in the past as soon as possible on a payslip.

So we engineered a RetroPay by Employee process, on top of the standard Retropay process. It forces an assignment into retropay, runs retropay for all assignments of an employee (yes, multi-assignments), and runs the payroll for all these assignments. All in one process.

It is now part of our Popay Payroll Toolkit.