Feb 5, 2016


A long time I was not really active on eBS, a long time I was not blogging anymore.

I just want to document my R12.2 adventures.

One was that the fast formula text is now stored in a clob column, gone is the long column. Finally. Our Documentool for Payroll supports this little change already for a while.

Value set security. I was not able anymore to enter values for a value set. Reading several notes, praising the Security by Default approach, so that something that worked for decades involves now an enterprise level of confusion and complexity. Bitter sweet.

This article describes how to enforce backwards compatibility, by linking your user to the "Flexfield Value Set Security: All privileges" role, done under SYSADMIN / User management.

But overall impression of R12.2 is that is it very stable and solid. So a sign of an end of live technology, viva Fusion.