Sep 25, 2003

ADE is only working with Oracle client 8.0.5. And if you have already an other Oracle home on your computer, it is a nightmare to make it working.
And 8.0.5 does not support UTF8. So ADE is no option.

We start the installation of BNE C, to see if this recent family pack for Web ADI resolves the UTF8 restrictions.

But I do still not see how I can add extra filters or parameters to the Hrms Web ADI integrators.

By the way, the problem stated in the previous post, is classified by development 'as designed'. I'm not supposed to launch form specific Hrms integrators in the Self Service environment. They even told me that this was stated clearly in the documentation. The famous documentation, indeed.

I'm so desperate for the moment that I even consider seriously Oracle reports. I just have to find a way to integrate nicely the Oracle reports output with Excel.