Sep 30, 2003

We had yesterday a meeting with some people from Oracle core Payroll development about retropay. The requirements needed by the customer are pretty specific, and the actual functionality of retropay cannot bridge the gap. We found a fit through the Reversal process.

But reversal was never foreseen to be used en masse, and prepayments are excluding the results of a reversal calculation.

Next to reversal, we need to run the payroll with date earned different then date paid (or process date, or effective date). This was not giving any problems in the prototype we built, but gives problems when combined with the Dutch localization. The tax part of the Dutch localization uses PDT balances, which sums all over the date paid, so including multiple periods of date earned. This gives wrong results, since the annual salary is going sky high.

Lesson learned : do not use date earned parameter in combination with PTD balances.

Development suggested to enrich the functionality of the actual Retropay by Element process. They will evaluate the possibility to add an additional parameter to specify the date of the legal rules.

This means that it should be possible to retrorun month 7, with the legal conditions of month 10 (this is the new functionality).

Hope they provide us with a reasonable timeframe, otherwise we have to work-around the date earned - PTD balance controversy.