Sep 12, 2003

The join I was using for years between Per_people_f and Per_person_types (on Person_type_id) is not valid anymore.

An extra table (Per_person_type_usages_f) joined the club. With this extra table, a person can have at the same time an infinite number of person types. Before, that was limited, and all combinations were listed in the Per_person_types table (eg: EX_EMP_APL, Ex-employee and Applicant).

The function hr_person_type_usage_info.get_user_person_type constructs now the person type.

Included a query that combines the old and new way of findeing the person type.

per.person_id, full_name,
typ1.user_person_type, typ1.system_person_type,
typ2.user_person_type, typ2.system_person_type
per_people_x per, per_person_type_usages_x ptu,
per_person_types typ1, per_person_types typ2
where per.person_id = ptu.person_id
and ptu.person_type_id = typ1.person_type_id
and per.person_type_id = typ2.person_type_id

Differences were found for Contingent Workers (CWK), where the old join returned a person_type OTHER.