Sep 18, 2003

I was still too enthousiactic about Web ADI. I was playing around, but encountered problems with some special characters (à) on our UTF8 environment.

And it looks that Web ADI stores additional query filters somewhere, and that those are appended at any other following query. So it was very easy to enforce an invalid query. I combined the current_employee_flag of the per_people_v2 (People folder) with the default view of the assignment folder (per_assignments_v3). ADI concatenated ( and current_employee_flag = 'Y' ) to that assignment view, and there you have the error. I wonder even why they append it anyway. It is not because I query Mr X in the People Folder, that I want to see only the assignment details of Mr X through the web interface.

I just downloaded ADE, to see if it supports the strange characters on UTF8. Hope so, otherwise I do not have a backup plan.